It was evident to Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday that the Kremlin’s primary grievances “had been ignored” despite his government’s analysis of US and NATO responses to his security requests in Ukraine.

After Russia stationed tens of thousands of troops around the Ukrainian border in recent weeks, sparking concerns about an invasion, Putin has said little publicly about the problem.
When asked about the meeting with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, Putin said the following during a press conference held on Tuesday “Russian concerns were neglected, and I informed the Prime Minister of this, so that is already evident. Not enough thought was given to our three most important requirements.”
“We have not received adequate consideration of our three key demands regarding NATO expansion, the renunciation of the deployment of strike weapons systems near our borders, and the return of the [NATO] bloc’s military infrastructure in Europe to the state of 1997, when the Russia-NATO founding act was signed,” Putin said.
Using Ukraine as a “tool” for NATO activities, Putin accused the US of trying to “pull us into armed war” over the situation in the Ukrainian nation. Putin said this bluntly. Claimed Washington’s main objective is to pressure “allies in Europe” into sanctions on us, or “bring Ukraine into NATO.”
It is a non-starter for the United States and NATO to negotiate with Putin because of his demands, including a vow to never expand eastward to encompass nations like Ukraine.

On Tuesday, Putin did not provide any ideas, but he did suggest that he was open to more discussions.
“”I hope that this debate will continue,” he added, adding, “I hope that we will eventually find this answer, although it is not easy, and we are aware of this. What it will be, though, I can’t tell you right now, of course.”
Putin wrapped up the press conference with a brief rant on NATO’s history of deception, alleging that the alliance had vowed to advance eastward “not an inch”. In his words, “They spoke one thing and did another.” Putin. The folks who say that they cheated us, well they just tricked us.

It has been claimed by Russian authorities before, but the United States and NATO have denied offering any guarantees of this sort.
Ukrainians are trying to take back Crimea, which Russia took in 2014, by force, which might lead NATO into conflict with Russia. Putin again repeated his opposition to the notion of Ukraine joining NATO.
According to him, “This [Crimea is] Russian sovereign territory, the subject is closed for us.” “Let’s pretend that Ukraine is a NATO member and launches these military operations. When we’re done with the NATO group, what will we do next? So, have you ever considered this? There’s no way.”
Recently, diplomats from the U.S. and other countries have been involved in a flurry of diplomacy.
On Tuesday, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov spoke via phone. Afterward, a senior State Department official claimed Lavrov did not give a signal that Moscow would de-escalate from the Ukraine border.
It was time to pull back troops and heavy weapons and engage in real diplomatic conversations, Blinken told Lavrov, if Putin “does not desire war or regime change,” the person added.
Vladimir Lavrov rebutted the claim of an escalation by saying that Russia has only been moving soldiers within its boundaries.
There was a “written follow-up” from Russia, according to the US State Department, to a paper the US submitted last week with suggestions for de-escalating tensions and opening the door for further security talks in response to Russian security requests.
On Tuesday, though, the Kremlin indicated that Russia had not yet issued its “major response” to the United States. In a conference call, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov remarked, “There was a blunder.” “The Russian correspondence dealt with a different issue. As of this writing, the primary response to this issue has not been provided.”
On the other hand, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky held a joint press conference in Kyiv on Tuesday.
“Russia is holding a pistol to Ukraine’s head,” Johnson said, calling on the world to avoid a humanitarian and political catastrophe should Russia invade the country.
Russian President Putin’s claims that he is operating in the best interests of the Ukrainian people are entirely debunked by the possible invasion, Johnson added.
According to Zelensky, if a conflict breaks out between Russia and Ukraine, it will be a “great war in Europe,” and that “no area or city in Ukraine will be occupied… but there will be a horrific tragedy if the invasion starts.”