This year’s spring cleaning has a lot of new tricks up its sleeve. As the days grow longer and the weather warms up, many of us are really doing the chore of cleaning up our homes and getting rid of things we don’t want, use, or need. She would be so proud of you, Marie!

Uncertainty about where to begin is a major obstacle for those of us whose homes are overflowing with unnecessary clutter. Make a point of noticing these items in your home and deciding whether or not to donate them without giving it much consideration, rather of feeling disheartened before you even begin the effort. Finding things to get rid of will be a piece of cake after you’ve done this.

What to Do with Old Makeup and Skincare Products
Our skin care products have an expiration date as well as our makeup, so it’s important to remember to get rid of old products as soon as possible. Your skincare items’ labels should be checked, so maintain a note of when they were purchased. Keep in mind that sunscreen, in particular, can be rendered practically worthless once its expiration date has gone.

Showering with an Extra Set of Supplies
Is it worth it to keep all the things you no longer use on the shelves and organisers in your shower? Clear out your medicine cabinet of old, half-empty body washes, nearly finished shaving creams, and skincare products you vowed you’d use but haven’t.

Broken pens are the third item on the list.
As if a pen doesn’t work when you try to write with it. That one doesn’t work, so you reach for a backup. Tossing them to the side, rather than chucking them immediately away, is something I’m known for doing. Check your writing implements by writing on a scrap piece of paper.

Medications that have expired
If medication is maintained for an extended period of time, it may lose some of its potency. In most cases, the expiration date of a drug is listed right on the container; however, if this is not the case, you can check online to determine when the medication should be thrown out.

While the FDA recommends that you drop off unwanted prescriptions at a drug take-back site, you can also flush medications on this list or follow these directions if your medication isn’t on the list.

No Use for Canned Goods
We buy canned beans, maize, pineapples, and tomatoes at the grocery store because our eyes are bigger than our stomachs and we imagine we’ll “get to them someday.” And who knows? When I’m going through my canned goods, I like to seek up recipes on Pinterest that I’d like to try. I’ll contribute the peaches if they’re needed for anything (and I know myself—I won’t eat them on their own).

You won’t read these books.
Don’t hold on to books that you know you won’t read again since they have been gathering dust for years. Go through your collection and get rid of anything that doesn’t serve any function. Books are, of course, decor as well, but if they don’t enhance the aesthetics of your shelves, get rid of them.

Spices and Herbs that Have Been Expired
Was it a while since you went through your spice cupboard? Small packages of cumin might ruin your entire cooking process if you find out they’ve expired eight months ago when you want to use them. It’s time for them to leave if they don’t smell like they generally do.

An Abundance of Stuff on Your Worktops
Your counters may get crowded easily if you keep putting the same things on them, such mail, your skincare stash, notebooks, dishes, wires, and more. If you notice this, it’s usually because you keep putting the same things on them. You may not be ready to get rid of those things, but you can get rid of the clutter by giving them all a permanent place to stay.

The Clothes for the Upcoming Season
For the sake of both your money and wardrobe, you should focus on the products you want to wear in the next season rather than purge your winter coats, sweaters, and scarves right now. It may be time to reevaluate the eight off-the-shoulder blouses you bought two summers ago. The denim shorts you got last year are you happy with or are they too tight? To help you plan your wardrobe for the future season, you can use this information. To see if your winter staples from last year still hold up, you’ll need to wait until October. Sweaters in storage for months might bring joy again even if you’ve become bored with them.

Selling your clothes on Poshmark or at consignment shops? This is a terrific option for you. People are shopping for spring and summer clothing at the moment, so a pair of tartan pants isn’t likely to be a big seller.

Without Lids Tupperware
Meal prep containers with missing lids are a common problem. Make a donation of it if you can’t locate the lid. As a bonus, you’ll be able to begin arranging your cabinets with this endeavour.

CDs and DVDs.
I may be incorrect, but I haven’t listened to a CD in more than two years. As a result, although some may have sentimental value (such as my Warped Tour-signed pop-punk CDs), others were purchased on Black Friday in middle school and have since been forgotten about. If the movie is available on Netflix or another streaming service, it’s time to get rid of the DVD.

Earrings That Don’t Go Together
Earrings that I’ve lost one of tend to end up in my collection. What are the chances that I’ll ever come across it? You won’t, I’m sure of it.

Papers from the Past
Even while it’s a good idea to save a folder (or a few) with all the paperwork you might require at some point, these folders can easily become overflowing. Make a thorough inventory of what you own and think about what you might need in the future. You generally don’t require invoices for furniture you’ve had for years if you’re asking for a loan with a bank statement from 2012.

Infrequently-Used Accessory
When was the last time you went through your jewellery, scarves, and hats, all at once? Even while we may go over our clothes frequently, other items may be overlooked when you’re tidying. Look at your jewellery collection if you only wear five necklaces but have 12 in your collection or your hat collection is getting out of hand. These goods can also be sold or given away!

Recycled Sheets and Mattresses
The excitement of purchasing new duvet covers and sheets to liven up (or warm up, depending on the season) your sleeping quarters is short-lived, though. An complete linen closet full of linens can be reduced to only a few extras (especially if you have guests!).

Things You Haven’t Used in Six Months or Less
Decluttering takes a new turn at this point. Pay attention to the things you use and enjoy, as well as the things that have been collecting dust for a long time. The mug that doesn’t carry as much coffee as you need in the morning, the candle that always burns funny, the lipstick that you never quite like on your skin tone—these products lurk in plain sight and take up precious room in your home.