Despite the fact that the 62-year-old was pushed over the handlebars and onto the road at a speed of 20 miles per hour, sources say that he is extremely fortunate to be alive.

Before paramedics came, bystanders rushed to help the blood-splattered Britain’s Got Talent star.

A broken arm and a possible concussion landed the father of one in the hospital emergency room.

After breaking his back on an e-bike in Los Angeles 18 months earlier, Simon Cowell has crashed again, this time near his London home.

A reliable source told us last night that Simon is “fortunate to be alive.

Wheels came flying out from under him as he pedalled through a wet patch while using an electric motor.

“He lost control of his bike and flew into the middle of the road after losing control of his handlebars.

He looked like something out of Phantom of the Opera since he wasn’t wearing his helmet, and blood was gushing from his face.”

He was saved from being ran over by three nice passers-by who jumped into action.

In the evening, Simon was released from the hospital with a cast on his arm that went all the way to his shoulder and was instructed to rest.

Despite the fact that this is Simon’s second spectacular escape, he vows that he will not give up riding his bike—but he will begin wearing a helmet.

A day after completing filming for the new season of Britain’s Got Talent, Simon Cowell was involved in a car accident.

Since his arm is still in a plaster from Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, he’ll have to record commercials with it that way.

He and Lauren Silverman, 44, have already had their seven-year-old son Eric decorate the house.

“Eric chose the yellow and has already signed it and drawn their two dogs, Squiddly and Diddly,” according to the source.

During a test ride of a new £10,000 e-bike in his LA backyard in August 2020, Simon Cowell lost control of the vehicle and was thrown to the ground.

During six hours of operation, a metal rod was placed into his back.

According to him afterwards: “Sometimes we get reminded of our invulnerability, and this was surely mine. This came as a complete surprise to me.”