Dashcam film from a Florida road rage incident has recently surfaced, showing a guy discharging a revolver multiple times while driving, smashing his own side window and windshield. Eric Popper, 30, is charged with two felonies, including aggressive assault with a firearm, and is awaiting trial. If convicted, a penalty of up to 15 years in jail might be imposed.

The incident occurred on I-95 southbound in Miami in June, but sports radio personality Andy Slater recently received Popper’s own dashcam footage, which he revealed on January 28.

Popper is shown casually singing along to music while driving his Toyota Venza Hybrid in the video. Something in the left lane attracts his attention, forcing him to switch to his left lane, where he is accused of cutting off a dark-colored Camry. “Oh, fuck off,” Popper responds to the Camry driver’s horn. Popper also appears to brake-check the Camry while glancing in the rearview mirror, bracing himself on the steering wheel as the contents of his vehicle roll forward.

He then observes in his rearview mirror as the Camry driver makes gestures toward Popper, according to police reports (we’re betting they weren’t pleasant “hello” hand waves). Popper accesses the Venza’s centre console, unlocks his firearm’s lock box, and pulls out a little revolver seconds later.

Popper raises his weapon and, true to his surname, fires 11 times through his own passenger side window and windscreen as the Camry passes. He even appears to startle himself as he shoots, withdrawing into his seat. Perhaps he was startled by the sound of glass breaking and shooting (which was incredibly loud) in a small location.

Popper claims the Camry driver was armed and fired first at him. As the Camry passes, you can hear a bang against his Venza in the video. Popper’s attorney told Miami’s NBC6 and Los Angeles’ ABC7 that the sounds suggest his client was shot first, and that the video proves his client was acting in self-defense.

Following the incident, both drivers pulled over and called 911 to report the Toyota-on-Toyota collision. Popper calls 911 from his stopped car, reporting he was shot at and returned fire, in another dashcam video clip. The Camry driver claimed that he had only thrown a water bottle at Popper’s car and that he was not in possession of a handgun. Fortunately, both drivers, as well as everyone else on the road that day, were unharmed.

On July 21, Popper, a Miami Beach Fire Department inspector, resigned and turned himself in to the authorities. He was released on bond and has an April hearing scheduled.