In France, EarPods are no longer required to be thrown away.

Following a change in local rules, Apple no longer includes EarPods in the packaging of new iPhones in France. While Apple removed EarPods from worldwide iPhone boxes, the company has maintained to include them in French iPhone boxes up until now.

Apple has now updated its website to show that the only items contained in the boxes of iPhones going forward will be the iPhone itself and a USB-C to Lightning cable, following the news that local laws were changing earlier this month.

From the iPhone 12 onwards, Apple no longer includes EarPods in the package of international iPhones, including the iPhone 13 from the previous year. Earbuds were required to be provided in the box to avoid users having to put their phones in their ears while making a call, which would have exposed them to electromagnetic waves.

EarPods are no longer mandatory in Apple’s products; nonetheless, French law does not require that they be available for purchase. In actuality, it is more likely that individuals will choose to use wireless devices like as AirPods instead.

The absence of earbuds in retail packaging isn’t unique to Apple. First criticising Apple’s decision to remove headphones from its iPhone boxes, Samsung then followed suit and removed earbuds from its own handsets. A charger is no different in this regard.